Take Your Coffee Game To The Next Level

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Most functioning adults have a set morning routine that they stick to everyday. Get up, shower, put on your game face, and give yourself the kick in the pants you need. If you are like me, that kick comes from coffee. Coffee is the one thing that makes me look forward to mornings. It helps me feel human again, and without it I don't think I could survive. Ok, I may be dramatic, but I'm convinced that is mostly true. I have been religiously consuming coffee for as long as I can remember, but the way I've enjoyed it has evolved.

I used to load it down with creamer, so that it didn't even taste like coffee anymore. The sugary French vanilla sweetness warmed my soul, while packing on the pounds. I never realized how many calories and sugar came from creamer, until one day I calculated it to be around 300-400 calories. That was the day I kissed my beloved creamer goodbye and replaced it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. That was also the day I learned to appreciate coffee for its taste, and that was the birth of a new beginning.

That was the time I realized that different brands and techniques of brewing coffee was not the same, and that there was a way to enhance my coffee making skills. I never understood how people could drink coffee black, but the better my coffee gets, the more I get it. There are a few different ways you can easily up your game and make your morning magic potion so much better. These things are easy, don't take up too much time, and so worth it.

Stop Over powering it With Mix-ins

I thought that ditching the creamer was going to be the hardest thing I have ever done, but surprisingly it wasn't. It has been over a year since I changed my morning addiction, and it still feels better than ever. Truth is, I wasn't enjoying coffee for what it really is, I was just drinking it for the caffeine. If that's the case, you can get sugary caffeine beverages at any gas station or super store. Once you stop polluting it with creamer, you gain an appreciation for the rich taste of coffee, and you will realize what you have been missing. I personally love to add some unsweetened almond milk with a couple teaspoons of all natural stevia, and that is perfection in a glass.

Use a High Quality Coffee Maker

There are so many different coffee makers on the market that I am not even going to begin to list favorites. The important thing is to find one that suits all of your needs. I used to find the cheapest one at Target, and just deal with it. That is not the route you should take. Sure, a $20 price tag looks a whole lot better than one that cost a couple hundred dollars or more, but it's a valuable investment. How often do you use your coffee maker? Everyday? I know that I use mine every day, and it's important to find a high quality machine for such an important part of every single morning. Do your research and find one that can accommodate all of your coffee needs.

Grind Your Own Coffee Grounds

I used to buy the pre-ground coffee, measure it out every morning, and that was that. When I got my nice coffee bar, I decided that I was done taking the easy way out, and bought a coffee bean grinder as well. I may be biased, but I noticed a difference right away. My coffee had a flavor that was much richer and more enjoyable than the plain old grounds I was using before. Grinding your beans right before brewing helps extract all of the good aromas, oils, and flavors from them better than coffee beans that have already been ground.

Find Alternative Brewing Methods

There are more ways to prepare your coffee than just using a coffee maker. Using a manual pour over coffee maker takes a little bit more time, but die hard coffee lovers swear by it. These people consider perfect coffee brewing an art, and love to experiment while trying to make the perfect pot of coffee. Using a French press is another way to make your own coffee, while controlling the strength and consistency of the brew. Manual coffee brewing techniques are gaining in popularity, because people are realizing the control they have over their own cup of coffee while also being more "eco-friendly" in a way.

Don't sit back and let your cheap coffee maker control your mornings. Feeling like you can get more out of your coffee? Try some of these tips to supercharge your coffee and get the pick-me-up you need before facing the day. It's time to start treating coffee brewing like the art it is, so that we can reap the benefits. There is so much more to life than mediocre coffee.