Takeshi Miyakawa Released For Plastic Bag 'I Love New York' Bomb Scare

The artist arrested for a causing a scare with his "I Love New York" public art display was released from jail by a Brooklyn judge on Wednesday.

Takeshi Miyakawa was held in jail since 2AM on Saturday and was let go on his own recognizance. Judge William Garnett is still ordering the artist to take a mental evaluation for the incident.

Miyakawa, a furniture designer and artist, was arrested on Saturday after frightened Brooklyn residents confused his "I Love New York" plastic bag sculptures for explosives placed in trees and lamposts throughout the neighborhood.

The installation was reportedly described to be connected by a wire to a box that contained even more wires, so residents were understandably perplexed by the peculiar contraption.

Miyakawa has been charged with a litany of offenses including two counts of first-degree reckless endangerment, placing a false bomb in the first degree, and two counts of second-degree criminal nuisance.

Since the arrest, Miyakawa's friend Louis Lim has defended the incident as a misunderstanding and explained, "The reason he did this was to lift people's spirits. He was simply trying to say that he loves the city and spread that attitude around."