Takeshi Suga's Psychedelic Cherry Blossom Dreams (PHOTOS)

The cherry blossom, or sakura, is a purely ornamental flower -- it produces no fruit. It doesn't have to, though, because even the flower itself knows how good-looking it is.

Though cherry blossom season has already passed, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the beauty of these gorgeous flowers. We recently saw Takeshi Suga's dizzy dream visions of them in full bloom and had to share them with you, dear readers. Some images are purely representational while others drift into a daydream haze, as if you have gotten too much sun in the best possible way. Looking at cherry blossoms through Suga's candy-coated lenses you feel the magical springtime that only exists through nostalgic memories.

We found the images on Hyperallergic, which included Suga's explanation behind his double-exposure Lomography technique: "By overlaying two images, one descriptive (in focus) and one suggestive (out of focus), I aim to present simultaneously the descriptive clarity of photography with the haze of memory, creating a rich and imaginative glimpse of the world around us."

Get lost in Suga's trippy trees below:

Takeshi Suga