Taking Conservative Comedy Seriously

Townhall's Doug Giles noted over the weekend that when it comes to comedy, "Mr. and Mrs. Conservative, you must bow and kiss the Left's ring. They slay us." Check out Giles explanation for why the left is funnier than the right.

Why can't conservatives get their comedic act together? The liberals, on a 24/7 basis, are tossing us soft balls that we should be driving out of the park in a humorous, prime time, way. It's so easy it's stupid. All we have to do is just read the crap that the left does, out loud, and it's hilarious. We don't even have to be that imaginative and try to develop quips, as they provide an endless supply of ammunition. We couldn't make up the stuff they do even if we wanted to -- no one on the planet is that creative.

The secular left is an amalgam of mayhem, a veritable Star Wars bar scene, a rogue gallery of freaks, geeks, nuts, sluts, slick politco's and skanky ho's -- and we're letting them walk without skewering the living day lights out of them.

What's wrong with us? We've become nicer than Christ.

This really is his explanation. He went on to say conservative comics are "politically correct," "too nice," and unwilling to "deliver the dig." Much of Giles' piece seems vaguely tongue-in-cheek -- it helps underscore the point about the right having a problem with humor -- but on the point that mean ol' liberals are funnier because conservatives are too polite, Giles did not appear to be kidding.

Aren't conservatives the ones who think it's funny to mock Parkinson's patients and troops injured in battle?