Taking Control Of You And Your Journey

Taking Control Of You And Your Journey
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When writing the story of your life don't allow anyone else to hold the pen ... an easy to understand concept but hard to follow rule. Wouldn't you agree ... especially since so many people on a daily basis influence our decision making processes and what we do with our lives. Tale for example, the people you work with - they dress and speak a certain way and you also over time will begin to speak and dress like them. You will also probably begin engaging in activities outside of work together and eventually you become like the people you hang around most - it's call The Law of Attraction. That is why I am suggesting that we honestly make our own goals and stick to them - no matter what anyone else says and does to try and get us off track. I also recommend doing whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality and don't allow critics to dampen your light. And lastly, tell your story in a honest, humble and vulnerable way so others can know your struggles and how you overcame them to change your life like I did when I grew through pain to teach others never to give up on themselves and instill belief where it used to be nonexistent. How are you going to take control of yourself and live your journey and no one else's.

It is hard to say no to others - especially when we think they are rooting for us and have our best interest at heart. How do you react when friends and family give their unsolicited advice that is totally not in alignment with your forever plans in business or your personal life. Ever felt like someone was holding you back and that someone was or is you? Now what ... it certainly will only make matter worse and your decision even harder when you follow the crowd or copy your next big industry leader. Why not try being authentically yourself and stop listening to everyone else's advice and strategies and make up your own mindful conclusions and place them into immediate action. I encourage you to step into your power and take massive action for powerful results! I can't think of a better way to serve your audience or soon to be followers and fans than staying true to yourself and being transparent. Don't allow your haters or those that don't support your vision to get you off your path. It's so easy to respond to every little dog that barks but I want to help you ignore your critics and keep moving and let nothing and no one to stand in your way of being the leader you need to be.

It is so easy at the beginning to not listen to your critics and those that negative critique your passion(s). If we listened to what every hater said and took it to heart we most definitely wouldn't succeed. We must have tough skin and pray to God for strength and to build a shell around yourself and your business until you are strength filled and have a solid foundation built in faith. Build your life around what makes you happy because if you always strive to please others only they will be happy and you will be in misery. Also, be secure about what you truly desire and don't deviate from your wishes and the empire you deserve to obtain - one smart proactive decision at a time.

When we tell our honest, humble and vulnerable story to others - it attracts them to us like magnets because it draws them to us when we especially add value to their life and show our vulnerable sides. When we begin adding valuable knowledge to people and they learn to trust us - only then will they want to work with us because number one they know we have also gone through some tough spots in life but also because we will be able to provide solutions to their overwhelming situations that will be effective.

Always do your best and shine when you don't feel like it. Get up each day and tell yourself you can do it and prove everyone wrong about your capabilities. I believed in myself way before anyone else did and that is why I am successful. I keep putting one foot in front of the other and I remain passionate and persevere every day knowing each day will bring me closer to my long term goals. Once you visualize what you want your life to look like - the pictures in your mind eventually become your reality. Never give up! Follow me on Facebook at Kelly Benamati to be inspired on your journey.

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