Taking It to the Streets--A.M.E.N.

I am sitting home watching cnn international and witnessing the illegal immigrant marches being staged across our country. Impressive.

What I find ironic is that these men, women, and children are not even American citizens, and yet they have galvanized, mobilized, and organized their sentiments to create quite a movement. Even more impressive is that these protestors are here illegally and risk the real threat of being herded up, detained, and deported while participating in such mass protests.

And yet, they are out there in the streets having their voices heard. Without taking a stand on the immigration issue in this blog, I will say that I admire their incredible unity and courage.

As a 9/11 activist who has tried in vain for the past four years to wake Americans up to the sad and dangerous state of affairs in this country, I have never seen such a well organized and massive turnout.

To me, it is a shame that so many American citizens seem to have lost the passion of their beliefs. Our country is literally going to hell in a handbasket and nobody takes to the streets, nobody organizes a rally/march/sit-in/walkout, etc.

Frankly, I would love to know who organized and got the illegal immigrant population out into the streets of America practicing our democracy. Because, to me, we Americans have a few things to learn from them.

They are willing to make their collective voices a force to be reckoned with. They will be heard by our Congress and President. And most likely Congress and President Bush will be forced to reconcile the immigration issue. When that happens, the immigrant population will have had a much larger effect on our country and our president than any of the rest of us full-blooded American citizens who only seem to be able to cobble together piecemeal activist platforms.

My thoughts? I think we should all come together and have our voices heard. If you are unhappy about healthcare, come join us. If you are unhappy about social security, come join us. If you are unhappy about education issues, come join us. If you are unhappy about foreign policy and national security, come join us. If you are unhappy about environmental issues and alternative energy issues, come join us. If you are unhappy about corruption, secrecy, and lack of accountability in government, come join us. If you are unhappy about campaign finance reform, come join us...

The time has come for all American citizens who are unhappy with this current Congress and Administration to join together in our one common belief--that our country needs to change and that we must spark that change. A. M. E. N. *

But hey, since we are in the habit of "outsourcing" our nation (think port security, debt, etc.), maybe we should just outsource our protests, too? Because, demonstrably, they seem to be doing a much better job than us.

* Americans Must Engage Now-->to be continued...