'Taking New York': Oxygen Filming 'Real Housewives Of New York' Competitor

Fed up with the bickering "Real Housewives of New York," one network is taking their own bite out of the Big Apple's big drama. Oxygen is set to air a new reality series called "Taking New York," featuring five women in their 30s who all have very real jobs in New York City.

The cast members will include Kelly Brady, owner of Brandsway PR, the hysterical and model-like cat-lover Marianne Garvey, an editor at In Touch magazine, co-host of the NBC series "Moms and the City" Raina Seitel, PR Director of Louis Licari Salon Leigh Rossini and Leila Shams, a designer with her own line who often dresses celebrities for red carpet appearances.

Instead of internal strife among the cast, each woman's storyline deals with issues in her personal life, all while trying to be a professional, working woman and pay the rent. But the drama is still very real. Leila is struggling to make her clothing line a smash hit, Kelly is dealing with the stress of having her own business, Raina is going through a divorce, Leigh just had a beautiful baby boy and Marianne is looking for true love and writing about it along the way. Adding to the appeal is the fact that all five girls are real-life friends -- none of that "Housewives" fakery.

Members of the cast were spotted taping at Rayuela restaurant on the Lower East Side a few weekends ago. The series is set to go into full production in the spring although an air date has yet to be scheduled.