Why I'm Taking The Happiness Challenge -- And Why You Should, Too

Here’s to a blissful January and the rest of 2016. 😊

Happy New Year! Truth is, the onset of January often leaves me feeling quite the opposite of happy. It marks the end of the holidays. The days are cold and dark. And it’s back to the daily routine.

But the beginning of the year doesn’t have to be a letdown. It’s all about how I look at it: Is the glass half empty or half full? Do I focus on the positive or the negative?

So instead of dwelling on the holiday excitement being over and all the bad weather, I’ve decided to accept HuffPost’s 30-day happiness challenge. And I hope you'll embark on this journey with me!

Here’s the deal: Each day in January, every participant will receive tips, hacks and simple challenges from HuffPost to help us find bliss in our everyday lives.

And the best part? The happiness doesn’t stop at the end of January. This challenge provides the tools we need to maintain that positive outlook throughout the entire year -- and for years to come.

There's another reason I’m taking this challenge: I think an optimistic attitude will help me accomplish my other resolutions. Whether it’s bettering my relationships, work performance or physical health, it all starts with happiness and gratitude.

So are you ready to take the challenge with me? Just sign up for our daily newsletter. We are in this together.

Goodbye, dreadful January. Here’s to 30 days of finding our happy place.

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