Taking the Humor Out of the "Shit People Say... "

It is true that every fad has a natural life span and, of course, in this day and age the shelf life of a joke is even shorter than it used to be. However, what is really "shit" is when certain people purposely destroy the humor, twisting it in such a sick way that their overall message falls totally flat.

Over the last few months, a spate of video clips entitled "Shit Girls Say," featuring Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis, have gently poked fun at the stupid things people say and do.

At first the phenomenon, which even has its own YouTube channel and Twitter feed (@shitgirlssay) highlighted dumb comments young girls make to their friends and about the world at large.

The hilarious concept quickly went viral with people making their own spoofs and posting them on YouTube.

Some clips were funnier than others -- Shit White Girls Say to Arab Girls or Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys -- but all were a light-hearted commentary on the stereotypes we harbor and how we often treat each other. It's fun, funny and, in a positive way, might even make a person think twice about how they view the world and the other people in it.

What has also been brilliant about these series of viral videos is that different ethnic, religious and cultural groups have found a place to poke fun at themselves, showing that almost everyone, at least on some level, can find their humorous, approachable side: check out comedian Amer Zahr's Shit Palestinians Say or Shit Indian Girls Say.

I say almost, however because sadly there are always a few people that say really shitty things. Ironically, in this case, it is those who claim to be "rights activists" fighting for a humanitarian cause.

Shit Zionists Say, (does not deserve a link) is a clip made by a group calling itself "Existence is Resistance." Disturbingly, they have turned a creative and entertaining genre into a very unfunny and failed attempt to make an extreme political point about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Their video does not feature one single Zionist, but a stream of anti-Zionist individuals expounding deep hatred in sick and very unconstructive way.

While the video is highly offensive, it also does nothing to promote the very real and serious need for Israelis to recognize the rights of Palestinian people as human beings and the need for everyone in the region to work towards peace.

Sadly, this group has not only discredited the cause it supposedly supports but it has also destroyed the spirit of this light-hearted and humorous genre, possibly bringing this fun fad to an abrupt end.