Taking Virtual Learning from Florida to the World

It’s fair to say that Florida Virtual School (FLVS) has long since become relevant in many places other than Florida. This pioneer institution of online and blended learning has a reach across the nation and in 65 other countries. Helping lead the expansion charge is Dr. Polly Haldeman, FLVS’s Chief Customer Officer.

Polly is helping FLVS evolve from a blended learning platform for public school students in the state of Florida to a multi-national curriculum licensing operation. When asked about the content created by FLVS, Polly says, “What we have is quality, rigorous, and full of integrity; and it's built upon the principles of educators and all the great things that we know that we should do for kids.”

Polly is a Florida native who grew up in a rural area, where she graduated high school with a class of 13 students. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, a Specialist of Education in Teacher Leadership, and a Doctorate of Education. She has been with FLVS for nearly 14 years and has grown with it through all the changes that have happened over that time. All indicators point to Polly leading FLVS into an even brighter global education future.

About Dr. Polly Haldeman:

Dr. Polly Haldeman currently serves on the Executive team at Florida Virtual School as Chief Customer Officer, where she is responsible for defining local and global sales strategies; and providing program support and ensure client satisfaction.

Polly is a Senior Leader with more than 11 years of online education experience. She is credited as a creative and resourceful leader with exceptional skills in analysis and strategic planning. She has a successful track record of exceeding student enrollment goals and exponentially increasing annual franchise revenue and profitability. Polly is recognized as an avid relationship builder, who excels in customer satisfaction, creating partnerships that promote both effective online education solutions and drive revenue.

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