Tale of Two Trumps: Will the Real @RealDonaldTrump Please Stand Up?

Tale of Two Trumps: Will the Real @RealDonaldTrump Please Stand Up?
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The narrative that the media, and many Americans are pumping, is that Donald J. Trump the reviled candidate will not be Donald J. Trump, President and Commander-In-Chief. People 'in the know' are saying that the campaign was all an act. Trump will be sober, sensible, and lead all of the people.

Trump's Twitter account bears the evidence that his handlers are still having a tough time with the "real" @RealDonaldTrump:

The tweet covered by the media last night was classic, delusional, vindictive Trump:

“Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”

Then, this morning, Trump, or, more likely, a Trump media handler with access to the account, Tweets:

“Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!”

A check of the morning’s news finds only one small pro-Trump rally, at a high school in Oregon. It was stopped by the principal after the pro-Trump students brought out a Confederate flag, and students shouting at Hispanic students “"Pack your bags, you're leaving tomorrow," along with "Tell your family good-bye."

The only other noteworthy Pro-Trump rally was in Sao Paulo, Brazil where what Fox News describes as a “right leaning” group held signs up with "Hillary for Prison,” and "Brazilians for Trump." Anti-fascists challenged the protestors, and a minor scuffle broke out, with four detained afterwards.

Three incidents in Dewitt Junior High School in Lansing, Michigan, where students locked arms to build a mock “wall” were accompanied, in the third incident, with taunts at a hispanic classmate.

Meanwhile, this was the second night of protests in the United States against the hate rhetoric of the President-elect. Most were peaceful, but one in Oregon turned into a riot, with 26 people arrested. Protesters were pushed back by police after throwing projectiles and smashing car windows:

Infowars, and, interestingly, USA Today are categorizing the beating and car theft of a white 50 year old male as an Anti-Trump protest in Chicago, although the police have not drawn the same conclusion. The man was pulled out of his car and beaten by three men, with some bystander, in a group of bystanders, one with a crying child, shockingly standing by and cheering them on, a few shouting “You voted Trump....You voted for Trump.”

There is no evidence that the man was a Trump supporter. Police continue to ask for help in the investigation of the crime.

So whether it was President-elect Trump, or one of his handlers, this morning’s cumbaya tweet remains tinged with irony:

“We will all come together and be proud!”

Which begs the question:

Which Trump, the conciliatory fellow of the meeting with the man whom he insisted was an alien, and an incompetent, or the petulant Trump, normally seen in his infamous Twitter stream, did the American people really get?

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