Talia Joy Castellano Bucket List: Fans Of Teenage Makeup Artist Who Died From Cancer Fulfill Her Dreams (PHOTOS)

Talia Joy Castellano, the teenager who warmed hearts across the country with her inextinguishable spirit and funky makeup tips, passed away from cancer on Tuesday morning. But her devoted fans are keeping alive the dreams she didn’t have a chance to fulfill.

During her six-year battle with neuroblastoma and leukemia, Talia earned Internet fame by showing the world in her YouTube tutorials how to perfectly apply bright eye shadows and lipsticks. Though Talia certainly achieved her dream of becoming a star, there was so much more this honorary CoverGirl hoped to give to -- and experience in –- this world.

Five days before she died, Talia jotted down, and posted, the 76 items she wanted to cross off her bucket list and actually got to a few.

bucket list

She asked her thousands of Facebook fans to head out to open fields, ice cream parlors, flower shops, sunny beaches and a slew of other colorful places for her, in case she didn’t get the chance to have those magical moments.

This is a sampling of what they came back with:

Have a water balloon fight

Give flowers to a stranger

Help a “newbie” with cancer”
cancer newbie

Leave handprints in cement

Start a cake fight
cake fight

Dance in the rain
dance in rain

Be Loved
be loved

Rest in peace, Talia.

Talia Joy Castellano's Youtube Videos

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