Talia Castellano, Youtube Sensation And 13-Year-Old Cancer Patient, Launches New Fashion Collection 'That Bald Chick' (PHOTOS)

A great style and a charming personality has been enough for Talia Castellano, a 13-year-old makeup artist, who has bravely fought two aggressive forms of cancer for years, and become the face of makeup tutorials on the Internet. Now she's back to launch her own very first collection That Bald Chick.

After growing a following of more than 550,000 fans on her Youtube channel taliajoy18 “Make-up is My Wig”, and becoming Cover Girl’s honorary model last year, the young fashionista has made one of her biggest dreams come true with her new line of casual and young apparel for teenagers.

With the help of Persian-Spanish designer Urbana Chappa, a victim of breast cancer herself, she has now released her first lookbook, with some of pieces that will become part of her new project. Created by both artists, 100 percent of the proceeds from the collection will go to Talia's family to help defray the medical costs of medications and the hospital services, where Talia is now being treated.

“I wanted to create a fashion line for teens that is trendy. Urbana Chappa reached out to me to help make my dreams come true. She and I sketched the designs and she and her team produced it for us,” Talia said to The Huffington Post.

About the name she choose to identify her brand, the new designer explains she didn't want her fashion line to have her name but wanted it to represent her in some way.

The social media star of Hispanic roots, who describes herself as “humble, outgoing and a leader,” also says she feels more identified with the “boho chic and grunge” styles, and hopes she can inspire other young teens to express themselves through their fashion.

From her hospital bed in Florida, where she is currently fighting a neuroblastoma, a cancerous tumor that develops from nerve tissue, and preleukemia, sprung up in her bone marrow, Talia now looks forward to feature her collection in big department stores like Target and as far as Paris.

She also assures nothing, not even her current health state, can distance her from what makes her the happiest: “My viewers on Youtube, fashion, makeup, and being alive.”

Take a look at Talia's new collection That Bald Chick below.

Talia Castellano's 'That Bald Chick'