Talib Kweli: There's A Bottom Line When It Comes To Gun Control

The rapper shared his personal experience with guns, as well as America's collective obsession.

Talib Kweli has some ideas about helping America find common ground on gun control.

On the latest episode of Spotify’s Clarify series, which explores the intersection of music and hot-button cultural topics, the New York rapper opened up about gun control in America.

Kweli, who after the June 12 Pulse nightclub shooting signed a Billboard open letter calling on Congress to pass more aggressive background checks, has strong feelings about gun safety in this country. 

“I’m anti-violent and I’m anti-gun. I don’t own a gun. I don’t live a life that requires me to have a gun,” he said. “I can’t say that’s for everybody. I can’t speak on everybody’s situation. So while I am a proponent of not having guns, I think that there’s a bottom line or a reality that we can all agree on about the safety precautions. American culture is built on the gun.”

Kweli also shared his thoughts about President Obama’s various attempts to address gun control during his eight year tenure.

“I think about how the president has gone on TV so many times... and have to somberly look at the camera and be like, ‘again, y’all? Like, please can we try to get some legislation.’” he said. “And it’s not even his fault in that particular situation. But I don’t think he knows what else he could possible say. It’s a hard thing to watch our elected leader get on TV and plead with people about these issues.”

When reached for comment by The Huffington Post, Kweli offered a final thought about gun control: “Pay attention to how the NRA moves, its motivations. Have an acute understanding of gun laws and how they work and how they don’t work.”

Keep at it, Kweli. 



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