Don Lemon's Segment With Talib Kweli Went Really, Really Badly

File this one under "incredibly awkward."

Rapper Talib Kweli appeared on CNN on Thursday to talk about the issues in Ferguson with Don Lemon. But most of the segment was spent discussing whether or not Lemon had ignored Kweli before the cameras started rolling.

Things started well enough, with Kweli challenging Lemon about the media's coverage of Ferguson. "We live in a world that's run by white supremacy and the narrative and language of the oppressor's taken over," he said. Lemon disagreed, but the chat descended into crosstalk as each man urged the other to "let me finish."

Then Kweli got super-personal:

"I would listen to you if you had the decency to greet me. You didn't even invite me. Nicole invited me. You didn't even say nothing to me. You were on your phone the whole time. You asked how to pronounce my name. You don't have respect for who I am."

Oh boy. He brought it up again, and Lemon said, "I'm working!...I am very busy here. I am not trying to disrespect you."

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.