Taliban Kidnap Military Dog, Release Hostage Video

A British military dog has been captured by the Taliban and appears in a newly released hostage video.

The dog, named Colonel, was apparently taken during a raid in Afghanistan's eastern Laghman province on Dec. 23, the Daily Telegraph reports.

In the video, bearded Taliban fighters shout "Allah gave victory to the mujahideen!” and “Down with them, down with their spies" as Colonel is shown on a leash held by one of the fighters, according to the Washington Post.

Colonel, still in his military harness, sniffs around and occasionally runs about as far as his leash will allow him.

The canine POW even wags his tail a few times.

The militants in the video say that the dog had a flashlight and a GPS around his neck. The Washington Post reports the fighters also show off what appear to be captured M-4 assault rifles, which are favored by special forces.

Colonel is a Belgian Malinois. PawNation says they're intelligent and protective, and the breed has surpassed the German Shepherd in popularity for police work.

They're also especially popular with the military. In Afghanistan, these dogs are used to sniff for explosives, weapons and drugs as well as in search and rescue operations.



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