What We Talk About When We Talk About How We Talk About Whatever We're Talking About

"So...The Thing...pretty crazy, right?"

"Which Thing?"

The Internet Thing? The Person did that controversial Thing!"

"Oh, that Thing. Everyone's been talking about that Thing."

"Pretty crazy, right?"


"I can't believe The Person made fun of The Movement. The Movement is so important."

"To be honest, I was really sick of The Movement."

"Don't you care about The Issue?"

"Oh, obviously I oppose The Issue."


"It's just The Movement got really annoying."

"But now The Thing happened."

"The Thing made it all worse. How could someone be so ignorant?"

"It wasn't ignorance! The Person knew all about The Issue and was promoting it!"

"Well either way, it was totally over the line."


"And then The Supporters..."

"That's the real problem. Not The Person but The Person's Supporters..."

"Did you hear The Person's Supporters got hate mail and death threats?"

"And then The People Sending Hate Mail And Death Threats got doxed!"

"And The People Who Did The Doxing got censored!"

"I hate censorship."

"Me too."

"And stereotypes."

"Me too."

"And The Person. But not enough to kill them. But I still hate them."

"Me too."

"It's a Society's problem, really."

"And the Media."

"The Media!"

"All the media."

"Every single media."

"Except The Daily Show. I love The Daily Show."

"But it's The New Guy."

"Oh, right, The New Guy. Do you like him?"

"No. Do you?"


"Have you watched him?"

"No. Have you?"


"I miss The Old Guy."

"What does it say about Society and Media when The Person is allowed to do The Thing?"

"Well, it's not a question of allowed. Remember Freedom?"

"Right, Freedom means that The Person is allowed by law to do The Thing, but Media and Society shouldn't allow The Person to do The Thing."

"But Media and Society helped!"

"Of course. They're the ones that caused The Issue in the first place!"



"So what are we going to do about The Issue?"

"I don't know. I don't remember what The Issue was."