Don't Fear the Science

Why are so many people afraid of science? Perhaps they think it's too technical or dry or boring. But science is humanity's most important tool for describing, interacting with, and understanding the nature of our reality. The world around us is rife with inspiration. Inside each of us there are tiny molecular machines that allow our hearts to beat, our bodies to stay warm, and our minds to wander. We are made up of the same ingredients as the stars.

Carl Sagan said, "It is the birthright of every child to encounter the Cosmos anew in every culture in every age. When this happens to us, we experience a deep sense of wonder. The most fortunate among us are guided by teachers who channel this exhilaration." I consider myself to be a science educator of sorts. I also consider myself to be a professional student. I feel a strong ethical obligation to continue to learn something new every day. This inspires me to engage with others, and hopefully, in turn, they will be inspired to spread their own personal insights.

But mostly, I love to talk about science.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I wrote a blog for The Huffington Post about why my passion for science is not on par with religious zeal. The responses were mixed, but needless to say, the conversation filled me with lots of new questions. Soon, I will attempt to answer some of those questions, knowing full well that even more questions will arise.

This will be my first of many blogs and videos as the new science correspondent on the HuffPost team, and I couldn't be more excited to start the conversation.

Finally, I want to use this space to thank all of the people in my past, present, and future that continue to fill me with the motivation and inspiration to engage in scientific exploration. The video below sums up how I feel about the importance of passing this inspiration along to others, and I hope you will feel the same way.

So come on, talk nerdy to me.

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