Talk Of "Nipples," "Breast Pumps," And "Boobies" Reigns As Elisabeth Returns To The View

Elisabeth's back, and the The View's gone boob crazy!

Yesterday, it was an animated demonstration (courtesy of Sherri and Elisabeth) of just how a breast pump works (Elisabeth is using the pump to feed her son, Taylor, while she gets back to work). Sherri explained, "It sucks your nipples out to THERE," though she soon sprung up for a demonstration which words are simply not equipped to explain.

Today, Elisabeth wore a shirt with a keyhole cutout over her cleavage, which prompted a discussion of how millions of babies — and men, for that matter — were "at home, looking at those boobs, and saying, 'Feed me!'"

Watch below, which includes a bonus flashback clip to when Elisabeth first announced her baby's name and Sherri's first question was, "Is he liking the boobies?":

The View has gone boob crazy! Watch as they talk boobs, boobs, boobs over the last few days, and a special flashback to November as well.

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