Talk To A Plant: New Web Experiment Tests Myth That Plants Grow Stronger When Talked To

Tweet To A Plant: Experiment Tests Plants' Response To Talking

Do plants really grow stronger and healthier when spoken to?

That's just what a new social experiment from advertising agency Carmichael Lynch and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is putting to the test.

Called "Talk to a Plant", the experiment invites the entire Twitterverse to help test the myth that plants respond positively to speech.

Here's how it works: Go to Send the plant a message. (Sign into Twitter if you're not already signed in). You can tweet whatever you like to the plant and a tweet-to-speech technology developed by Carmichael Lynch will then read your tweet aloud to one of the plants. The other plant, sits in silence.

Here's our tweet to the plant:

Participants are encouraged to tweet about anything -- Obamacare, Tropical Storm Karen, the government shutdown, giant Asian hornets, whatever. Then watch the plants respond -- or not -- via the 24/7 livestream over the next couple of months to see if the myth holds up.

talk to a plant

The website gives constant updates on the plants with height graphs, leaf size charts and more.

"Tweet, or the plant dies," the agency and museum write in a joint statement about the new web experience. The plants obviously can't live on tweets alone and, instead, run on a 12-hour light cycle and are watered by an in-house tech.

"Science -- and life in general -- it's not a spectator sport," Dave Damman, Carmichael Lynch's chief creative officer said to The Huffington Post. "We are inviting you to play. We are taking advantage of today's digital landscape and bringing to life the experience of scientific curiosity -- and making some cool art along the way."

talk to a plant

The web experiment runs in conjunction with the new "Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition" exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science appearing from Oct. 10, 2013 to Jan. 6, 2014.

So go ahead. Talk to a plant -- it's life might literally depend on you.

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