Hilarious 'Talking Cat Collar' Speaks What Your Cat Is Thinking

"No. No. No. No."

We've always wondered what cats would say if they could speak to us in real, human words. And this "talking cat collar" may put an end to our questioning once and for all.

Hilarious new ads for Temptations cat treats debut the "Catterbox," that supposedly uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to process your cat's sounds and speak them back to you in voice form.

"Meow," you see, might translate to a dry and clipped "This is rather fun." Or any one of these delightful, extremely cat-like quips:

Cat owners can also use the Catterbox app to choose their cat's unique voice, the ads claim. Is Fluffy a British cat? American? Man, or woman? It's paws-itively exciting.

The Catterbox is the brainchild of the "Temptations Lab" and two London-based creative agencies. The device is "a prototype at this stage," claims a spokesperson for creative agency adam&eveDDB. (We won't hold our breath.)

For now, we'll just have to keep decoding our cat's purrs the old-fashioned way. Sigh, meow, sigh. ("Get out.")

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