Talking with Keith Ogorek of Author Solutions

Whereas self-publishing used to be a nasty little word in the book publishing industry even a few years ago, something has changed. Headlines in major book industry publications such as Publishers Weekly, GalleyCat and Mediabistro often highlight self-published success stories of independently published authors who started out with DIY schemes and came out on top when they landed literary agents and book deals.

In the last few years, literary agents and even publishing houses' tastes have shifted and they are often sifting through the piles of once unwanted manuscripts and independently published books in hopes to find the next Celestine Prophesy or The Shack or dare I say, Forever My Lady. It can happen, and in today's audio interview, I spoke with Keith Ogorek the Sr. VP of Marketing for Author Solutions the mecca of print on demand companies about what they are doing to remain at the forefront of the changes in the industry.

Ogorek also speaks candidly about what he sees literary agents' new roles being in the near future, his talks with other major publishing houses that are ready to partner with him on creating their own imprints and why he says this is only the beginning.


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