Producers Scrambling To Forge Some Kind Of 'Roseanne' Replacement

A new venture would involve complicated rights — and possible lawsuits.

Program producers are reportedly brainstorming about a possible replacement for “Roseanne,” which was canceled Tuesday after star Roseanne Barr wrote a racist tweet.

They plan to meet in coming days with executives of the Disney-ABC Group to pitch possible scenarios for a spinoff or even a revamped “Roseanne” without Barr, sources told The Hollywood Reporter.

One option being considered is a show that focuses on Sara Gilbert’s character, Darlene, TMZ reported. 

Corporate officials have insisted that any reboot of the reboot not include Barr, nor benefit her in any way, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Deadline reported that the effort is being driven by Gilbert and executive producer Tom Werner, whose production company Carsy-Werner produced the new show, as well as the original. Both Gilbert and Werner want to continue the show in some form and keep the writers.

There are major challenges, however, to resurrecting the program, especially in the tangle of rights and ownership that could open up any new venture to lawsuits.  Barr was co-creator and executive producer of “Roseanne,” and isn’t likely to give up any of her rights easily.

Barr, whose tweet attacked a senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, has apologized. She said she “begged” Disney-ABC TV Group chief Ben Sherwood not to cancel the series.