#TalkToMe: Making History for My Family

I talk to my mom a lot about everyday things -- her latest book club selection, the new words my toddler is learning, when we'll see her next. But rarely do we really talk.

Inspired by HuffPost's Talk to Me challenge, I dug deeper and hopefully started a trend my family will continue for years. My young daughters may remember Grandma for her kind words, unflappable faith and generous supply of Starburst candies, but when they get older, they can see these videos and know that Grandma grew up on a farm and aspired to marry a man who wore a tie to work every day.

My intention is that her story will become history -- at least for my family.

I talk with my Mom a lot about everyday things, but HuffPost's #TalkToMe challenge inspired me to dig deeper.

Posted by Courtney Keister Reynolds on Sunday, April 3, 2016