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#TalkToMe: A Conversation On Blended Family And Faith Between Stepdaughter And Stepfather

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Sitting down together in the quiet sanctuary of Marble Collegiate Church, Senior Minister, Dr. Michael B. Brown and stepdaughter Alison Haile begin their #TalkToMe project. An intimate conversation unfolds between stepfather and stepdaughter about their blended family, with advice on becoming a new parent, thoughts on church and shared faith. It is a warm, loving exchange, full of mutual respect.

Alison opens with the question, "Thinking back to ten years ago, how did you feel about becoming a stepparent? Were you nervous?" Dr. Brown's answer, the stories they share, and other advice and exchanges, give a closer look into the beauty of a relationship between stepdaughter and stepfather. Blended family can truly be a blessing.

Watch the video here:

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