#TalkToMe: A Lesson on What It Means to Be a Gentleman

"I hope you'll both be gentleman, because I think the world needs more gentleman. So I hope you'll both be the kind of men that open doors for others, that take your hats off at the table, that say 'please' and 'thank you' -- and that are kind."
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When I saw the chance to be a part of The Huffington Post's new project #TalkToMe, I was excited. I was most looking forward to the fun I would have with my boys during an open and candid conversation about the deeper aspects of life.

This new video series is intended to spark memorable and meaningful conversations between parents and children. The Huffington Post has partnered with Facebook. The idea is to start a conversation with your parent or child, and share it (live!) on Facebook.

Anyone and everyone can take part in this movement. Adult children can interview their parents, young children can interview their grandparents, etc. There is nothing cookie cutter about it. It's your creation by design and is meant to open lines of communication and spread more openness and acceptance out into the world.

We all have wisdom inside of ourselves, and sometimes we store it for too long waiting for the perfect time to share. This project helps people take the initiative to start talking right now and share the wisdom out.

This can be done live on facebook or you can pre-record your conversation and then post it (be sure to use the hashtag #TalkToMe). We chose to pre-record our interview. My sons chose their questions and then unrehearsed we pressed record and created our interview.

Having a conversation in a creative way like this was such a gift because it gave me the opportunity to say things I feel like I often am saying, but in a different way. It felt like I was passing down a gift to my sons instead of coming across as nagging or "overly-parenting." It was just a conversation, but it opened my eyes to the idea that there is room to share more of this in our daily lives. It felt like it sparked something new, even in the way we see each other. I am grateful and excited to keep the conversation going.

I highly recommend creating this gift with your loved ones. It's one that will help keep the conversation flowing long after you stop the recording.

Here is our video. Check it out and then get out there and create your own. Let's fill up the newsfeeds with refreshing material and create a ripple effect of positivity, acceptance and love out into the world! #TalkToMe