#TalkToMe: A Survivor's Story of Resilience

Why do some of us thrive in the face of stress, and others struggle? How might we promote resilience in ourselves and those we love? These are the questions I have sought to answer as a clinical psychologist.

Like many of us, I have seen those I love struggle with the stressors in their lives.


But my (future) mother-in-law is an icon of resilience! Tati, as her loved ones call her, has survived three dictators: her father, Hitler and Fidel Castro.

So when the Huffington Post launched it's new #TalkToMe video series, with the aim of sparking meaningful conversations between parents and children, I jumped at the chance to talk with Tati about her views on the subject.

In our chat, Tati talks to me about the importance of resilience throughout her life, and honoring loss within us.

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