#TalkToMe -- an Actor Son Questions His Opera Singer Mom

I was so moved by participating in the the #TalkToMe project, especially with Mother's Day coming up on May 8, 2016. My 27-year-old son, Ben Landmesser, is an actor in Los Angeles and had some interesting questions of me as an artist and as a son. Background information: His father and I divorced when he was five. We wrote our own divorce agreement and lived in the same area until he was eighteen. I traveled with Ben but was also away so much for my singing career when he was young. Years later we share the same love of the performing arts. I did not know what Ben would ask me. We have always been close but this exercise was really wonderful.

We also discuss my late parents. Ben is an only grandchild and was close to his grandparents.

Here is the unedited interview: