#TalkToMe: Conversation With My 3-Year-Old

The conversation topic to choose for Huffington Post #TalktoMe video was easy -- the actual conversation was not. For multiple reasons:

1. We converse with our daughter in Hindi -- having a talk with her in English felt weird and unnatural to both of us. She looked at me surprised when I informed her we will be talking in English and shooting a video, and voiced some objections.

2. There is no good venue to keep her in one place for 5 min in our home, so I had to confine her in a booth in the local cafe for the shoot. Caveat: Background noise.

3. My videographer -- my husband -- was not quite interested in shooting us as he was in using the brief opportunity to scroll through his phone. So the video slants from time to time as he tries to multitask.

But still -- it got done -- and although I wish I could have shared our spontaneous conversations on the same topic (which would be in Hindi) -- I got what I wanted. I know she doesn't enjoy daycare as much as she enjoys brunch with mama and papa.