#TalkToMe: 'I Wish I Had Known That Everything Would Turn Out Okay'

The Huffington Post is launching a new video series called Talk to Me, conversations between parents and children. I recorded an interview for the series with my 28-year-old daughter Liz on Easter Sunday.

I know that a lot of young parents worry about whether they are doing a good enough job balancing the needs of their children against the needs of their jobs. This is particularly acute in your 30's and 40's when a lot of professional career growth happens. The tough part is that this also happens when people are often having children and raising them.

Mine is only one story, but I think this interview touches on a number of universal themes, especially about how to manage your perspective on your job in a way that allows you to enjoy other priorities in your life, especially your children.

Spoiler alert: My husband and I worked non-stop during our children's formative years, and they've both developed into remarkable, creative and self-sufficient human beings. As you'll hear in our 5" interview below, there are a few things I wish I'd known then that I know now.