#TalkToMe: Role Models

The email in my Gmail inbox described the new #TalkToMe feature for The Huffington Post and excitement ensued. What a wonderful idea I thought. I shared the idea with my one and only child and we both agreed it was something we would like to do. When we eventually found the time to do the Facebook Live video, I was surprised by her answers, especially to the role model question. She listed Beyonce, Diana Ross, Bunji and Stokely Carmichael as role models, what an eclectic group she selected.

What I learned about my daughter doing this feature was that not only is she smart and intelligent, she is funny and aware of the world's current state, and most importantly she is a thinker, SHE THINKS!!!! Raising her as a single mother, it has always been immensely important for me that not only she be independent, but that she is able to think and make good decisions for herself. I am truly impressed with her little self and I hope she continues to grow in love to her maximum potential. Our #Talktome video is below.