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#TalkToMe Meet the Mildon Family

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Emma Mildon is a best selling author, spiritual philanthropist, international speaker - and the daughter of Merv Mildon. Her dad is not spiritual. He is not a renowned author or speaker. He does however have experience and years of wisdom and parenting up his sleeve - knowledge that he manages to share and convey with child like antics and wit.

This sit down even surprised The Spiritual PA and her sister Leanne as they sat down with their dad in quest to find his thoughts behind some of the deeper questions to life.

Was it enlightening? Not really. Did they get imparted wisdom? Debatable. Was it entertaining? Definitely! Getting reminded that life is never short of a laugh and seeing the brighter side to life. Merv is one of the most cheerful, fun loving and straight-shooting characters you may ever be acquainted with -meet the Mildon family. Laughs guaranteed...