#TalkToMe: Understanding the Value of Mentorship

Huffington Post has just launched a new major video series entitled #TalkToMe. This series is meant to spark meaningful conversations between individuals. I've decided to feature my mentor, Mylea Charvat, a woman CEO and Founder of Savonix.

Why Do We Need a Mentor?

Have you ever felt lost, confused and unsure of your next steps in life? I must admit, I have. At twenty-eight years old, I have spent time living in an entirely different country from where I was born and raised (moved from Texas to Israel), have taken on different jobs and have met a ton of people who have either come and gone, or have stayed in my life.

Yes, I have been confronted with uncertainty and confusion a number of times (as I'm sure we all have). I've learned over the years, however, how important it is to have a strong mentor in your life. A mentor is someone who can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to career choices, personal life decisions and other important aspects that will ultimately help enhance your well being.

I've decided to interview my mentor, Mylea Charvat, for The Huffington Post #TalkToMe video series in order to raise awareness on the value of mentorship and the impact that it can have on people's lives (people of all ages). I hope you enjoy my #TalkToMe interview and learn some key takeaways on the importance of mentorship.