Talon News Endorses George Papoon, Really

That Jeff "James Guckert" Gannon, former paid shill purportedly representing "Talon News" at Presidential press conferences is still passing himself off as a journalist is funny enough. That he denies he had anything to do with a male escort service, the same male escort service that had a nude picture of him advertising his service(s) is a good Republican joke. They're awful good (or awful bad) at trying to convince you that your eyes are telling you something that just isn't true...like that naked picture of big Jeff is what? a doll?

What's funny is that Talon News has just endorsed George Pappoon for President.

Yes, the same George Papoon that the Firesign Theatre has run for President for decades. Remember his slogan? "He's Not Insane."

There are lots of other very funny stories on here. Intentionally funny, not like Fox or the Wall Street Journal..

Could it be that someone else has gotten ahold of that domain? Maybe someone connected with Firesign Theatre?

A recent item read:

June 16, 2008
PALOOKAVILLE: Surrealist Presidential candidate George Papoon agreed to debate his opponents in a series of "Town Hall" meetings. Papoon had never agreed to debate anyone before, or had much use for any kind of personal interaction that didn't involve pet grooming, so his agreement marks an historic change in campaign strategy.
Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain agreed to the meetings with Papoon, so the effect on the horserace will be negligible. "Really, I'm all about the horserace, and grooming the horse after the race," said Papoon, relapsing into an unusual degree of consistency. "That," continued Papoon, "and Paraguay."

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