Tamale Perfume: Chicago Woman Wants To Make You Smell All Corny

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Here in Chicago, we've already grown somewhat accustomed to perfumers aiming at making us smell more like our fine city. But while Tru Blooms channeled the scent of our local flora, another new fragrance draws its scent from one of the city's most iconic foods: the tamale.

The newest perfume line from Zoils Oils -- the creation of Zorayda Ortiz, a Pilsen-based perfumer -- features a scent titled "Tamale." According to DNAinfo Chicago, the scent is intended to pay tribute to the Lower West Side neighborhood's culture, history and -- of course -- cuisine.

"I could go wild and try to create a 'pollo' one or an 'al pastor' one," Ortiz told DNA of the scent, which she hopes will debut in the spring.

Could food-scented perfumes be an emerging, diet-busting trend in the fragrance world? Pizza Hut has already released a perfume based on their cheesy creations and other perfumers have already turned to the aroma of barbecue, bacon, cheeseburgers and pesto sauce for their scentspiration. And, if we're going to go there, edible deodorant also exists these days.

Ortiz's perfumes are sold at three locations along the 18th Street strip in Pilsen, according to DNA: Pilsen Vintage and Thrift, Round Two Resale and Wheel of Time.



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