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Tameka Raymond Tweets Gay Men Should Wear Wristbands

Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, recently took to Twitter to express her feelings about undercover gay men and what they should wear.

Last month, the 40-year-old mother and stylist filed a petition against ex-husband Usher for sole custody of their two sons and additional child support. But the singer isn't the only man on the receiving end of Tameka's rage. She also sent out a message to gay men who look straight, saying they should identify themselves with "bright wristbands" rather than Timberlands, caps or vests.

After receiving angry backlash, Raymond attempted to clear the smoke by making it clear, saying she was not talking about all gay men but was referring to those who participate in "trickery." But she defended her decision to speak her mind.

Raymond isn't the only celebrity to speak out about closeted gay men. Rapper Game also discussed his feelings about men on the "down low" who, he said, are responsible for spreading diseases.

"Game has a problem with people that are pretending not to be gay and are gay," he said during the interview. "Because the number one issue with that is that you could be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die."

The subject of men on the "down low" has been a hot topic for African Americans, specifically tied to the disproportionate rates HIV/AIDS infection among black women.