Q & A With Actress and New Mom Tamera Mowry Housley

Tamera, who's mom to three-month-old Aden, takes five to answer a few questions about pregnancy, parenting, entrepreneurship and personal style.
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You know her from her wholesome roles and winning smile. We watched the twins -- Tia and Tamera -- grow up before our eyes. Now with both of them becoming mothers, launching a new business venture, and landing the cover ofEssencemagazine, the Mowry twins are unstoppable. I worked with Tamera Mowry Housley during season two of the Style Network hit showTia and Tamera and really saw her blossom into motherhood full force. Tamera, who's mom to three-month-old Aden, takes five to answer a few questions about pregnancy, parenting, entrepreneurship and personal style.

You know I adore you and consider you to be a woman really living in her glow power. What keeps you ignited?

Awww thanks Latham. Like-wise. Just basically living a happy and healthy life. Mentally, physically, but most importantly spiritually.

Your pregnancy was quite visible to the public through the show. What were some of the most exciting and memorable moments?

Finding out I was pregnant was one of the most joyous moments in my life. I will never forget it. Also, just being able to share the news with my friends and family. Once you get past those 12 weeks, a little of the anxiety is uplifted. But only to meet you around the corner. Ha! Also, finding out I was having a boy. I loved helping raise my two younger brothers. So I couldn't wait to have one of my own. Finally, of course, the birth of my son. It's a moment you can't describe. I was over the moon bursting with love for that boy. Man, he's my heart.

We got to have some fun cooking in your the kitchen during Season 1, what was your favorite recipe?

I loved the watermelon salad! Yummy!!

What was your experience like being pregnant?

It was a roller coaster. You have your moments where you're so excited and full of joy. And then you have your moments of anxiety, stress and fear. It's important to surround your self with people such as you to keep you calm. Especially if your a first time mother like I am. My first trimester was a lil rough. [The] second [was] a dream and third uncomfortable. But it seriously was all worth it. And I'll do it again.

You are a big advocate of doulas and I had the pleasure of being a presence of support for you. If you have another baby would you use a doula?

Of course! There is nothing like having another female in the hospital room as your advocate.

Your hubby Adam is so supportive, How has motherhood enhanced your marital relationship?

Amazing. You are definitely forced to rely on each other. Whenever I need him, he's right there. Actually, Adam knows how to put Aden down better than I can. But of course he's cheating because he holds him and rocks him to sleep in his arms. I'm trying to get Aden to put himself to sleep.

What has been your biggest learning experience since your son Aden was born?

Patience and that we are not in control. You have a schedule down and then all of sudden the lil buggers switch it up on you.

You're an advocate for breastfeeding and that lead you and Tia to develop your first product that helps breastfeeding moms. I remember you being afraid that you wouldn't produce enough milk to breastfeed because Tia had challenges with breastfeeding. How has your experience been different?

For starters, I used Milky. It's been amazing. However my issue wasn't so much of the milk supply it was my son's latch. It took us awhile to figure it out. But you have to stick through it and trust that you and your baby will figure it out. And we have. It's such a beautiful bonding experience.

You're embarking on a new venture with Tia -- a brand in the baby space. What do you hope this new brand will bring to consumers?

Hope! That you can nurse your baby if you have the time. We mothers all want what's best for kids and breast milk is the best.

What's been your biggest challenge since Aden's birth?

Sleep deprivation. I'm just not good at it. I had to force myself to sleep when he sleeps. And not with just one eye open. Ha! But fully let myself sleep. Because a mom who has slept is an alert and happier mommy.

Do you want to have more children, Tamera?

Yep, a girl.

You remained stylish regardless of your baby bump. What are some of your favorite maternity chic looks?

You can never go wrong with an empire waist dress and belt it. Or just don't be afraid to show off the bump. It's sexy!

What is your advice for new moms?

Relax, relate, release. You've got this. We are made for this.

What can we expect next from you Ms. Tamera?

Season 3 of Tia and Tamera in 2013 and more from the sis and my brand.

To learn more about Tamera, her new brand and her new lifestyle blog visit Tia and Tamera Official

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