Tamir Sher's "Masters on 45s" Remixes Paintings (PHOTOS)

Israeli Photographer Takes Classic Paintings For A Spin

Israeli photographer Tamir Sher decided to use his old record player to remix the classics. Except instead of taking an old Zeppelin LP for a spin, he took a Van Eyck painting.

Sher spun reproductions of classic paintings at different speeds and then took photographs of the masterpieces in motion. Depending on the speeds, recognizable classics range from slightly blurry to hallucinatory. If you don't recognize the final few paintings, don't feel bad about your art history chops -- Sher also spun his son's superhero action figures.

In an interview with Creative & Live, Sher cited a diverse array of inspirations from Japanese photographers Hiroshi Sugimoto and Yasumasa Morimura to postmodern writer Don DeLillo.

Check out what happens when Sher tries to play a painting. It's not quite synesthesia, but it sure is cool.

tamir sher

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