Tammy Banovac, Airline Passenger In Wheelchair, Strips To Lingerie For TSA Patdown (VIDEO)

WATCH: Passenger In Wheelchair Strips To Lingerie For Patdown

Tammy Banovac, a 52-year old, wheelchair-user from Oklahoma, stripped down to her skivvies (in this case, black lingerie) to get through security at Will Rogers World Airport Tuesday, according to CBS News.

Banovac tried to get through security twice, the first time in a trench-coat, but stripped down to get through security faster to make her flight to Phoenix. Fellow passengers quickly saw what she was doing and captured the event on YouTube. Banovac is seen in the video wearing only lingerie, pearls and has a white dog on her lap.

An airport spokeswoman told a CBS affiliate that Banovac refused to go through the metal detector after she had stripped down (which is clear considering her placement in the security area). TSA agents said they found traces of nitrate residue on her body.

Banovac told USA Today that the TSA's new patdowns have her feeling violated after she had an "unpleasant" experience with the TSA two weeks ago.

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