Tammy Bruce Wants to Sell her Nazi Memorabilia

Check out this audio:

It's from Tammy Bruce's June 25, 2008 radio show. In it she complains that eBay banned her listing that tried to sell a genuine Nazi SS medal ("it even had some blood on the ribbon!").

Bruce, who has been known to brag of her superior intellect on air, suggests that eBay is banning history.

The idea that hate-filled lowlifes are the most likely purchasers of this kind of "collectible" doesn't seem to dawn on her.

Let me try to help her out: This country lynched thousands and thousands of black men between 1870 and 1950. It is certainly a part of our history. But it would take a special kind of amoral and heartless scumbag to put up for sale an "authentic noose".

To those of us that have kept an eye on Ms. Bruce, as shocking as this should be, it doesn't really come as a surprise. She's made a career out of anti-gay hatred, racism and cavalier treatment of one of history's greatest atrocities.

Here she is on The O'Reilly Factor comparing Media Matters to the gestapo:

Here, she shows some concern for the fate of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party Badge... Weird what some bloggers choose to write about, isn't it?