Tampa Bay Mom Ronda Holder Makes Son James Mond III Hold GPA Sign On Corner (VIDEO)

If taking away your kid's cellphone or other privileges doesn't work as punishment, a Tampa Bay, Fla. mom recommends public embarrassment.

Ronda Holder is forcing her 15-year-old son, James Mond III, to stand on a street corner with a sign around his neck that says: "I did four questions on my FCAT and said I wasn't going to do it...GPA 1.22...honk if I need education."

Holder says her son will appreciate it some day.

"He don't like it, and I'm probably the baddest parent in the world right now. But he'll be OK. In the long run, he'll thank me for it."

Holder said she wants other parents and kids to pay attention. So far, it's working; she says one man honked all the way around the corner.