This Is What Tampon Commercials Would Look Like If Clueless Men Made Them

"Tampax: so the inside of women's bodies don't get cold!" Um, incorrect.

Tampon commercials are pretty awkward no matter who makes them. But sketch comedy group Hammerkatz NYU imagined how feminine hygiene products might be advertised if only clueless men were involved in the creative process, left to their (mis)understanding of periods with no female intervention.

"Tampax is perfect for when tiny eggs come pouring out of my vagina covered in blood and I need something to scoop them up to put them back inside my body so that I can have babies," one over-enthusiastic woman sitting at a bar says to the camera.

"Tampax is the right fit for every woman," another woman says, sitting on a park bench with a huge bag full of tampon boxes. "No matter how heavy your flow is or how tiny your butt hole is... because that's where tampons go."

We'll definitely give men a little more credit than this, but in general, guys: Google is your friend.

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