Tamron Hall Discusses The Question She Gets Asked All The Time

People often ask NBC News' and MSNBC's Tamron Hall about the challenges she's faced as a black woman in the news business. But she thinks those people are asking the wrong question.

"Every time a young girl comes in and asks me for advice, if you start your conversation with 'how hard is it as a black woman' or 'how hard is it as a woman,' I turn you around," Hall told HuffPost Live in an interview Monday. "We cannot look at the roadblocks and see the road at the same time."

Watch the interview with Hall, above.

The "Today" show co-host and MSNBC anchor emphasized that everyone has challenges and deals with "stereotypes," but she choses not to focus on those things. If you do, she said, you'll never move forward.

"We all have roadblocks, we all have challenges," she went on. "If that's the first thing you think about as a black woman -- the challenge that lies ahead -- you are thinking in the wrong direction."

When asked what her biggest challenge is in life, Hall joked that it is hearing the alarm clock go off each morning. Addressing the question more seriously, she explained,"I don't look at my life that way -- I can't."

"I cannot look at the challenges and still get where I need to be," she said.

The language in this story has been updated to more accurately reflect Hall's remarks.