Tamu McPherson On StyleLikeU: Talks Breaking Into Fashion, Learning Italian And Personal Style (VIDEO)

Tamu McPherson is one of our favorite style stars and we're obsessed with following her fashion-filled snapshots on Instagram. So, we were super psyched to find out she was recently profiled by!

The Milan-based editor-in-chief of and street style blogger for "All The Pretty Birds" opens up about her journey from working in law to making it in the fashion industry.

"At a point one of my really close friends said 'Tamu your spirit is not in law. It's in fashion. You have to go work in fashion.'"

She certainly made the transition -- moving to Milan and learning Italian in five months -- and in turn has made an indelible mark within the field.

Tamu also reveals the magic behind her chic bet quirky style. She mixes Italy's emphasis on elegantly tailored pieces with the mix-and-match sensibility she loves about New York City. Plus, Tamu loves a kitten heel -- "they are really cute and practical when I'm shooting street style."

Don't you love a gal with unique (and sensible) style?

To hear more, watch the video below and check out the slideshow of our favorite style Instagrammers:

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