Watch Tan France And Hasan Minhaj Bond Over Being In 'The Brown Illuminati'

“Did you just ‘Queer Eye’ me?” the comedian asks as France helps him pick out clothes.

The universe has somehow arranged for two of the coolest people ever to chill in the same room. 

Ahead of the premiere of Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix show “Patriot Act” on Sunday, Tan France of “Queer Eye” gave the comedian a makeover. And yes, it’s epic. 

“We got a br-illuminati connection,” Minhaj tells Tan. “That’s the brown illuminati.”

In the video, the pair bond over how white people butcher their names (story of every Asian’s life, amirite?), talk about how to avoid looking like a “fuckboy,” and discuss how dumb the phrase “chai tea” is. (Seriously, you’re just saying “tea tea.”)

France even gets Minhaj to wear a cropped sweatshirt at one point. 

Minhaj also explains to France how America is basically “becoming South Asia.” 

“American is becoming South Asia ― yoga, meditation, chai tea at Starbucks, us,” Minhaj jokes.

France also gives the comedian a pep talk after Minhaj says being cool is important to him and that he wants to wear a non-“dweeby” outfit. 

“Look at what you do for a living,” France says. “You’re representing brown people. You don’t need to try to be cool, you are cool.”

To which Minhaj replied, “Did you just ‘Queer Eye’ me?”

In the end, the pair succeeded in finding an getup that definitely didn’t look like fuckboy couture. Congrats, br-illuminati!