Tancredo Endorses Obama As Part of Election Reform Plan

This video is published on Why Tuesday? as well as OffTheBus.

Last week I was in Iowa, and I brought you video of presidential candidates responding to the Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge. Barack Obama and Ron Paul argued that message is key to election reform. At the Iowa GOP's Reagan Dinner, Mike Huckabee had time to talk election reform, but Fred Thompson & Co. didn"t.

In the final installment of our videos from the recent Iowa trip, Republican Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo lays out his plan for increasing voter turnout in the United States... and it includes supporting Barack Obama on the Democratic ticket!

Tancredo said that the state of our voting system is "lousy." He told me he would consider early voting on a national scale, but that he equated making voting more convenient with making it more insignificant. Like many of the candidates we've talked to, Tancredo sees message as being key to increasing voter participation, and in that vein, he says he likes what he sees in Obama. Watch the video for the full endorsement.

Why Tuesday? is an effort to make election reform an issue that our politicians cannot afford to avoid. Read more from OffTheBus by clicking here.