People Are Flipping Out About This 'Tangled' Connection To Coronavirus

Twitter users think that 2020 seems a lot like the 2011 Disney film, which takes place in the village of Corona and involves a woman being isolated for years.

People on Twitter are getting tangled up in the similarities between a popular Disney film and the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this week, users of the social media platform noticed that as social distancing, self-isolating and quarantining become the norm to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people are now living in a way that’s eerily similar to the plot of the movie “Tangled.”

The film’s main character, Rapunzel, has been isolated her entire life ― which is 18 years ― because her mother, Gothel, alleges that their village is not safe. The name of that village is Corona.

“Tangled,” which came out in 2011, is obviously not based on real life and wasn’t predicting the future (at least ... we’re pretty sure), so this is all in good fun — but we figured we’d share some of the chatter in an effort to brighten up your day:

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