92-Year-Old Shows How Tango Can Keep You Young

This 92-Year-Old's Tango Moves Will Make You Want To Get Up And Dance

"Life in itself is a challenge and you can either accept it and take action, or you can sit and do nothing," Huff/Post50 blogger Phyllis Sues wrote on the eve of her 90th birthday in 2013. Two years later, at 92, Sues is still proving that age doesn't have to slow you down.

Sues considers herself a lifelong learner, starting a fashion label after 50, trying yoga, trapeze and taking up tango, all after 80. "If you don't train the body every day it withers. If you don't train the mind every day, you lose it," Sues said.

Sues has been practicing tango for over two years. "Tango dancing is a fantastic exercise, as it's physical and emotional," she said. "It's the only time when I turn off my mind and just dance, so I am in the moment."

She shared with us this beautiful performance of hers recently (watch the video), with her dance partner Marcos Questas. Her fluid movements and delicate steps show how far she's come. "To look effortless in dance is sheer beauty," Sues said. "That's my desire. I'm still performing, as it keeps my body in tune, is good for my memory and it makes my life a joy."

We're beyond inspired. Keep dancing, Phyllis.

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