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Tanishq Abraham, 9-Year-Old College Student, Is Interested In 'The Fate Of The Universe'

Sacramento boy, Tanishq Abraham, is not your typical 9-year-old. "I like particle physics, anti-matter, the fate of the universe and the Big Bang," he says. Tanishq, who attends American River College in California, will be featured tonight on the first episode of "Prodigies," a new YouTube show which "showcases the brightest and most talented phenoms from across the country as they challenge themselves to reach new heights."

When Tanishq was accepted into Mensa at only four and a half years old, the media took an interest in him. In an interview with ABC, Tanishq's mother, Dr. Taji Abraham, said she could tell her son was gifted from toddler-hood. By the age of 7, he had published essays about astronomy on NASA's Lunar Science website. That same year, he started college.

Mom accompanied her son to his first few classes in astronomy and geology. In "Prodigies," she jokes that her young son out-performed her in class. "He beat me," she says.

He may have a proclivity for science, but the 9-year-old also gravitates toward many age-appropriate hobbies. According to a profile of Tanishq in his college's online newspaper, he participates in chorus, does gymnastics, plays soccer and the piano and loves to solve Sudoku puzzles. In a preview of "Prodigies," he is singing and playing piano with his younger sister who, by the way, is also in Mensa.

As for Tanishq's take on all of this -- even though he spends his days surrounded by students more than twice his age, he's amused by the attention.

In a clip on USA Today's website, he is shown giggling when he says, "Once I was giving a geology talk, and at the end somebody asked me for my autograph!"

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Tanishq enrolled in college courses when he was 8. He was 7.

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