Child Prodigies Tanishq And Tiara Abraham School You On All Things Pi (VIDEO)

Fresh off his lecture at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan, 10-year-old college student Tanishq Abraham stopped by HuffPost Live to talk all things pi, along with his 8-year-old sister, Tiara Abraham.

The pair are the youngest siblings to join Mensa in the United States. They both became members at age four.


After recounting what he called a "brief history" of pi, Abraham explained why we will never be able to know this mathematical constant in its entirety.

"Pi is an irrational number, which means that it cannot be represented by any fraction," he said. "It doesn't repeat, it goes on forever. It doesn't repeat -- there's no pattern -- but it just goes on forever. So there is no pattern, so it's really hard to memorize pi."

Despite being difficult to memorize, Tiara, who is also taking college classes, recited the first 80 digits of pi.

"I practiced for like, four days," she said. "I kept practicing a lot."


The siblings also shared some of the most famous March 14 birthdays, including Albert Einstein, Billy Crystal, Quincy Jones, and their own grandfather, who turns 75 on March 14, 2014.